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"Study to show yourself approved unto God." 2 Timothy 2:15

Degree Programs

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Please read  "How to Seek Ordination" and then contact us at the address found at the bottom of the page:

Basic Course:

This is a basic seminary training course and will lead to the appropriate degree based on academic background of the student.
Fee for the complete program (excluding text books) - $950. (Text books for the full program cost about $50)

Course Content (120 Credit Hours)

TH 580 - Theological Foundations

TH 581 - Theological Philosophy - Human Existence

TH 582 - Doctrine

TH 583 - Comparative Religions

TH 584 - Christology

TH 585 - Church History

TH 586 - Ecclesiology (The Church)

TH 587 - Sacramental Theology

TH 588 - Christian Morality and Ethics

TH 589 - Spirituality

TH 590 - Mary and the Saints

TH 591 - Eschatology (End Times)

TH 714 - Stages of Spirituality

TH 716 - Apostolic Fathers - The Didache

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Special Challenge Exam Program - (S.T.B. Degree)
For those with extensive personal reading, study or previous experience - an extensive open book exam consisting of specific questions and short essay assignments, leading to a degree will be required.

TH 714 (Spirituality) and TH 716 (The Didache) will also be required.

This challenge exam should only be taken by those with a background in theology, but is useful for those who have completed extensive courses but do not hold a degree.

Permission of the Faculty required for admission to this program.

Fee for Challenge Exams - $375.

Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.)

This is a special program designed for those seeking Ordination who already have some theological education. The program has been designed for those seeking Ordination with the Independent Old Catholic Church of America. This program is also suitable for those already ordained or those seeking
a transfer from another jurisdiction to the IOCCA.

Permission of the Seminary and The Church required to take this special program.

Requirements: (60 Credit Hours)

1. TH. 601 - Orientation Course on Systematic Theology of the IOCCA.

2. TH. 602 - Ordination Candidacy Questionnaire

3. TH. 620 - Theological Issues (Selection of Essay Assignments)

4. TH. 630 - Canon Law and Regulations

5. TH. 632 - Sacramental Confidentiality Issues

6. TH. 740 - Sacramental Liturgics and Practicum

7. TH. 714 - Stages of Spirituality Course

8. TH. 716 - Apostolic Fathers - The Didache

9. Formal Application for Ordination (With references and interviews)

Upon completion the Licentiate of Sacred Theology (S.T.L) will be conferred. If candidate receives approval of Bishop ordination will be arranged.

Total Fee for the program (including all materials and Diploma) is $575

Application Form link will be found at the bottom of this web page.

Graduate Degree Programs

These studies are designed for those who hold an undergraduate degree in Theology. The programs are very flexible and developed around the students background, needs and interests. A program of study is prepared between the student and the faculty and seeks to fill in those gaps in theological preparation with special course work in the student's area of ministry.

The program may consists of courses, essay work and/or a research thesis or dissertation. An advisor will be assigned to all those working on a thesis or dissertation.

Please note these programs are not designed as qualification for ordination.

Courses Offered

We revise these regularly, and a list of what is currently available is posted on the Announcements site.

Master Degrees

Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.)

This degree program requires 45 Credit Hours, which may be made up of Course Work, Essay Projects, or a Thesis.  The Essay is 3000 to 5000 words on an agreed topic of interest.  The Thesis is a research project and usually is 10,000 to 15,000 words in length.  Where there are key areas lacking in the previous studies of the student, some additional core subjects may be required. Fee (excluding text books) $575

Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

This is a special degree program, 36 Credit Hours, for professional work in areas of interest of the student. No thesis is required.  Selection can be made by the student from courses offered and/or Essay work. This is a good program for those who wish a Master's Degree in a field of particular interest. Fee (excluding text books) $575.

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

This is often considered the professional degree in Ministry, and requires 60 Credit Hours of work. Some core subject are required, some course work from options offered, and three Essay Projects  or a Thesis is required. Wide latitude is offered in course material and Essay or Thesis topics.  An advisor will be assigned to those taking the Thesis. Fee (excluding text books) $775

Application Form link will be found at the bottom of this web page.

Doctorate Degrees

The pinnacle of educational study is the doctorate, it carries weight and dignity and enriches the life of the student. The general purpose of the doctorate is to develop the student's knowledge, theoretical clarity and competence. Entrance into the doctoral program requires a sound Bachelor and Master degree background. Experience in ministry or related fields is usually required.

The attainment of the doctorate involves advancing the student's knowledge of the foundations of and current developments in the fields of ministry, religion and theology. The student deepens the understanding of their philosophy of religion, enhancing their ability to use a multiplicity of skills and disciplines, developing an increased ability to think and act purposefully and strengthen their spiritual and moral integrity.

60 credit hours required for a Doctorate.   Studies may be a combination of course work, essay work, and a Theological Dissertation depending on the Doctorate. The programs are built around the student's interests, and area of expertise. Research, much reading and evaluation and synthesis is required. Students are required to study, read and form positions on vital issues.

A faculty advisor is assigned all Doctorate candidates to guide their program development and progress.

Doctorate of Sacred Theology (S.T.D)

This degree has greater stress on theology rather than ministry. A Theological Dissertation is required, usually 15,000 to 25,000 words.  However an option is offered to prepare a number of shorter works, at Essay or Thesis level.  Some core courses are required, and electives offered.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

This is considered by many as the professional doctorate in ministry. It is concerned with ministry, parish and congregational work. The program is built around the student's interests, and area of expertise. Most of the work consists of professional courses, with some Essay assignments.  The option of less course work and a Dissertation is offered.

Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)

This program is offered for those who wish a second Doctorate and is similar to the S.T.D. Program.

The Fee for all Doctorate Degrees (excluding text books) is $900

Application Form link will be found at the bottom of this web page.


Refunds - If a student is not satisfied with materials sent for a Degree Program, a refund will be issued if all materials are returned in usable condition, less a $50 fee for expenses up to 30 days after material has been received.. Please allow up to 60 days for such a refund because our faculty often travel.

Text Book costs are to be secured and purchased by the student, unless noted otherwise.

Grading on courses on the pass/fail basis.

Terms, fees and requirements are subject to change. However, as long as a student is in good standing in a degree program the terms and requirements at the time of registration shall continue to apply.

Agape Seminary operates to prepare students in various religious disciplines for educational, missionary, or ministerial service. This is our only purpose.

Agape Seminary does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, nationality or ethnic origin or physical limitations regarding admission and participation in all programs.  We do however require students to sign a statement that they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are a Christian Institution!

Agape Seminary will consider transfer credit from institutions acceptable to our faculty. We make no claim as to the transfer of our credits to other institutions.

CLERICAL SCHOLARSHIPS - Ordained ministers with the IOCCA may request Scholarships towards Master and Doctorate Degrees. Request information from the Seminary.  Other ordained clergy are invited also to inquire.

Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology

This is a program of studies to assist clergy and ministerial practitioners to develop the background and practice skills in Pastoral Psychology.   Entrance requirements are possession of an academic undergraduate degree, and a Master's Degree in Theology, ordination or equivalent experience, and an intake interview. 96 Credit Hours Required. Transfer Credit in certain areas accepted, and work experience such as CPE. On satisfactory completion the degree Doctor of Christian Counseling will be conferred.  In certain cases, with faculty agreement, the degree Doctor of Religious Philosophy in Pastor Psychology may be conferred. The full program fee (exclusive of text books) is $1,200 - Where advance standing is granted, the fee will be adjusted accordingly.   (The total cost of text books is about $100)


PS 701 - Introduction to Psychology

PS 702 - Abnormal Psychology

PS 703 - Introduction to Sociology

PS 712 - Christian Counseling - Counseling and Personality

PS 720 - Brief Pastoral Counseling

PS 740 - Pastoral Counseling Studies (Methodology, Spirituality, Issues in Counseling)

PS 745 - Counseling Ethics and Ministerial Confidentiality

PS 780 - Case Work Studies

PS 790 - Practicum in Pastoral Counseling

PS 799 - Final Comprehensive Exam

Honorary Degrees

Under Florida State Regulations we are restricted in the conferring of Honorary Degrees.  We do confer the honorary degree Doctor of Humane Letters to suitable persons. Information on request.

The Degree Doctor of Divinity (DD) is an earned degree with Agape Seminary, but entrance restricted to those holding senior standing in the Church. Information on request.


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