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A Seminary dedicated to the preparation of students for Ordination or others who wish studies in historical Catholicism and ministry. Operated by the Independent [Old] Catholic Church  (IOCC)  However, all interested are welcome to study with us, regardless of their denominational background or if they are taking courses for ordination or for personal enrichment.

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Information on The Independent Old Catholic Church .

The IOCCA is under the leadership of Archbishop George LeMesurier. The Church was established in 1990 by Archbishop Maurice McCormick growing out of the Old Catholic Movement in America which started in Europe in the 1700's and has Apostolic Succession through Utrecht. At present there are some 100 Bishops and Clergy serving throughout North America.

  • We believe the Holy Scripture is inspired by God and it is the supreme and final authority for faith and practice. We accept the three Creeds.

  • We accept the spirit of the Seven General Councils of the Early Church, and we take comfort from the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

  • We accept and hold Apostolic Succession and the offices of Deacons, Priests, and Bishops, and hold that all offices of Holy Orders should be open to men and women.

  • We accept the Seven Sacraments of the Early Church.

  • While we respect all religious leadership and we hold to the Catholic Faith we are however independent from the authority of Rome.

In accordance with the teaching of Scripture we do not perform same-sex marriages, and disagree with any form of Abortion. While we consider divorce a sad event in marriage, we apply Christian love and charity and support those who seek remarriage and the Sacraments of the Church.

If you are interested in seeking Ordination please read "How to Seek Ordination" and then contact us at the following address:


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Bishop LeMesurier ordaining a priest.


 Information - theology@rogers.com



PO Box 706, Ogdensburg, NY 13669

Why Agape Seminary - Our programs are centered in sound traditional Catholic Theology, not Roman Catholic, and as such are of the historical Early Church tradition. One can commence studies in their own home, and go at your own pace.

Some take a full year, others a few months. Our examinations are open book, and where you are unsuccessful we will work with you until you graduate. We are trans-denominational in that we welcome all students, men and women, although our courses are of most interest to Old Catholic, Independent Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican. We maintain a separate division for those interested in Anglican Studies - request the special program for Anglicans.

The Priesthood - Many feel the call to the Priesthood but feel the only option is full time parish ministry, with many years of Seminary training. There is another, and urgent, need for Priests to work as self-supporting (as was St Paul) in hospital visiting, pastoral counseling, youth work, senior residences, and even as worker priests on the job. There is a calling for senior men and women to work in their local area, and we welcome retired persons who may wish to apply their senior years to the service of the Lord. We invite you to consider our programs.

History of the Seminary

The Seminary was founded in 1974 in Louisville, Kentucky as Sungaeros Institute.In 1983 The seminary moved to Mount St. Francis, Indiana as Agape Seminary. In 1989 the Seminary moved to Florida where it was established in Fort Myers, and in 1993 relocated to the Tampa Bay area.


The Seminary operates under the authority of the Florida State Board of Independent Schools and Universities. We are a non-profit, trans-denominational institutions and do not confer academic degrees but are authorized to confer religious and theological degrees.

We do not hold academic accreditation. If you seek an academic degree for secular purposes, seek elsewhere.  If you are seeking a degree in theology or ministry consider Agape Seminary.

For further information email - Theology@rogers.com